Dale Kingston

Ross Martin


Columbo Villains -  Dale Kingston

Last Words to Columbo: "He touched them, you touched them!"

Lieutenant Columbo is on the case of the murder of art collector Rudy Matthews, who was found shot to death in his home. The culprit is Matthews' own nephew, art critic Dale Kingston, who enlists the help of his accomplice Tracy O'Connor to establish an alibi at an art exhibit. In an attempt to mislead Columbo, Kingston strategically alters the time of death to make it appear as though he couldn't have committed the crime. However, Columbo becomes suspicious when he discovers that Kingston chose a less valuable painting to steal before abruptly switching to the two most valuable paintings after the murder. Kingston tries to redirect the investigation towards his aunt, Matthews' ex-wife Edna, who inherited his entire art collection. But Columbo sees through the ruse and sets a clever trap to catch the true killer.
Ross Martin was an American actor born on March 22, 1920, in Grodek, Poland. He began his acting career on stage and made his Broadway debut in 1950. Martin appeared in numerous television shows and films throughout his career, but he is perhaps best known for his role as Artemus Gordon on the television series "The Wild Wild West," which aired from 1965 to 1969. In addition to acting, Martin was also a trained musician and spoke several languages. He was known for his versatile acting ability, portraying characters of different ethnicities and nationalities. Unfortunately, Martin died on July 3, 1981, at the age of 61, due to a heart attack.