Nelson Brenner

Patrick McGoohan


Columbo Villains -  Nelson Brenner

Last Words to Columbo: "In the games...Mah Jong"

Nelson Brenner (Played by Patrick McGoohan) is a double agent working for the CIA, but when he needs to eliminate a fellow spy and make it look like a mugging, he starts leaving tiny clues that he believes no one will ever pick up on. However, he doesn't count on the keen eye of the rumpled and determined Lt. Columbo, who manages to piece together the clues left at a carnival photo shop, on the victim's body at the beach, and in a tape recording made by Brenner while working under his cover as a speech-writing consultant. Despite Brenner's attempts to cover his tracks, Columbo is hot on his trail and determined to bring him to justice.
Patrick McGoohan was an actor, writer, and director who had a diverse and accomplished career in film and television. He is perhaps best known for his work on the iconic 1960s TV series, "The Prisoner," which he created, produced, directed, and starred in as the enigmatic character, Number Six. In addition to his work on "The Prisoner," McGoohan also had a significant role in the popular detective series "Columbo." He appeared in four episodes of the show. McGoohan's performances in these episodes were widely praised for their intensity and complexity, and he brought a unique energy to the show that elevated it beyond the typical formulaic detective series. His chemistry with Peter Falk's Columbo was particularly noteworthy, and the two actors had a strong on-screen dynamic that kept audiences on the edge of their seats. Overall, McGoohan's contributions to the world of film and television were significant, and his work on "Columbo" helped cement his legacy as one of the most talented and versatile actors of his generation.