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Last Words to Columbo: "I'll get my coat and we'll go"

In "Requiem for a Fallen Star", Nora Chandler (Played by Anne Baxter), a former movie star, is being extorted by a gossip columnist named Jerry Parks. Parks is also involved with Chandler's secretary, who has access to all of Chandler's secrets. In a moment of desperation, Chandler sets off a bomb that destroys Parks' car, but it turns out her secretary was behind the wheel at the time of the explosion. Lt. Columbo, a devoted fan of Chandler's, takes on the case and begins to unravel the web of secrets and lies surrounding the actress and her entourage.
Anne Baxter was an American actress who was born on May 7, 1923, in Michigan City, Indiana, and passed away on December 12, 1985. Baxter started her acting career on Broadway, and in the 1940s, she transitioned to film, where she became a leading lady. She received her first Academy Award nomination for her role in the film "The Razor's Edge" in 1946. However, it was her performance as Eve Harrington in the film "All About Eve" that garnered her critical acclaim and won her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1951. Throughout her career, Baxter appeared in numerous films, including "The Ten Commandments," "The Magnificent Ambersons," and "I Confess." She also starred in several television series, including "The Name of the Game" and "Hotel." In addition to her acting career, Baxter was a philanthropist and a supporter of the arts. She served as the National Chairman of the American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet and was a member of the Board of Trustees for the American Film Institute.