Paul Hanlon

Robert Culp


Columbo Villains -  Paul Hanlon

Last Words to Columbo: "What kinda sound?"

"In The Most Crucial Game" Robert Culp (in the second of three guest appearances as the murderer) plays Paul Hanlon, the general manager of a football team in Los Angeles who has a strained relationship with the team's owner, Eric Wagner (Dean Stockwell). Eric is a reckless partygoer who disregards Paul's suggestions, and Paul also harbors feelings for Eric's alluring wife, Shirley (Susan Howard). One Sunday during a game, Paul absconds from the stadium in an ice cream truck and speeds to Eric's residence, where he strikes Eric with a block of ice while he is swimming, resulting in Eric's demise by drowning.
Robert Culp was an American actor, screenwriter, and director born on August 16, 1930, in California. He started his career as a screenwriter and later transitioned into acting, gaining fame for his role in the TV series "I Spy" in the 1960s. Culp was a versatile actor who worked in film, television, and theater, and appeared in over 170 productions throughout his career. He was also a talented screenwriter and directed several projects. Culp was known for his intelligence, charm, and wit, and was admired by his colleagues and fans alike. He passed away on March 24, 2010, at the age of 79.