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In "No Time to Die" Ruddy 'Doc' Strassa played Daniel McDonald is obsessed by Columbo's nephew's bride and kidnaps her on her wedding night. "No Time to Die" stands out from the typical Columbo formula in several ways, more so than any other episode. In this installment, no murder is committed, which is a departure from the show's usual plot structure. Additionally, Columbo never meets the primary antagonist, making it a unique episode in the series. Instead of a murder mystery, the plot centers on a race-against-time scenario where Columbo leads a team of detectives in a frantic search for his nephew's abducted bride. The culprit is a disturbed stalker who snatches the newlywed on their wedding night, setting off a thrilling pursuit as the detectives work to track her down before it's too late. The episode offers a refreshing change of pace from the typical Columbo format while still delivering the same level of tension and intrigue that fans of the show have come to expect.
Daniel McDonald was an American actor, born on July 30, 1960, in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. He began his acting career on stage, appearing in numerous productions in New York City, including "La Cage aux Folles" and "Steel Pier." McDonald made his film debut in 1984 with a small role in the movie "The Flamingo Kid." He went on to appear in several other films, including "Dance with Me" (1998), "Center Stage" (2000), and "The Forgotten" (2004). In addition to his film work, McDonald also appeared on television, with notable roles in shows such as "Law & Order," "Sex and the City," and "The Practice."